Trekking and Camping-  Narayanagiri Hill Bangalore, Karnataka

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Classification: MODERATE what's this?

Accommodation: No accommodation atop the hill nor at the base.

Essentials: Food Pack, water, stove, medication, warm clothing.

Transportation: Own vehicle.

Costing: Rs. 500/- per head (for 4 persons) including food & transportation.

Suggestion: Carry back all the glass/plastic wastes and dispose the same in a proper bin.


Narayanagiri is another monolith near Bangalore located at Jalamangala which is about 76 kms away. The peak is home to the temple of Laxmi-Narayana temple. It is green, rocky and serene making it an ideal weekend getaway. The view from the top is absolutely breath-taking and perfect for trekkers and climbing enthusiasts. If you are lucky you may find small water pools on top of these mountains. The water pool next to the temple may be contaminated by moss or plastic left over by the visitors. You may try to scale other smaller hills adjucent to the main hill where you may find the water pool fairly clean for a face wash. It is advisable to cary your own drinking water as there is no ediable source of water on top of the mountain.

How to Reach:

Driving down from Bangalore on the Mysore Road will take approximately 2-3 hours depending on the time of travel. Reach Ramnagaram (55 kms).Take a right at the Government bus stand and after about 100 meters take the left to enter a narrow village road. Continue to travel on this road for about 20 Kms to arrive at Jalamangala Village. After travelling right acorss the village you will come across a small lake to your right and a towering rocky hill behind. Continue on the tank bund to reach the base of this hill.

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Road to Narayangiri Hill

Climbing the Hill

Breakfast on top of the Hill

The top view from Narayangiri hill

Back to the base of the hill