Paragliding-  Bangalore (on the way to Hoskote)

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Photo Gallery

Classification: MODERATE what's this?

Essentials: Instructor, paraglider, winch, drinking water.

Transportation: Self.

Costing: Rs. 18,000/- per head for P1 certificate.

Suggestion: Carry back all the glass/plastic wastes and dispose the same in a proper bin.


A paraglider is a motorless, inflatable wing, made of rip-stop nylon and fixed with Kevlar® lines that secure a pilot's harness. The pilot sits in the harness and launches the vehicle by foot, running off inclines, hills, mountains or pulled by a winch. He or she steers the wing by weight shift and application of brakes that changes the shape of the rear edge of the wing. The function of a paraglide is to soar on wind currents. The record for staying aloft is over 11 hours, and the distance record, 186 miles (300km). The average flight for the every day enthusiast is about 3 hours, with heights reaching 15,000 feet (4,500 meters). One of the advantages of paragliding is that the entire wing and harness fold up into a 30 lb (13.6 kg) backpack. This makes it easy for a paraglider to hitch-hike back from a flight, or to transport his wing by checking it in as baggage on a bus or even an airline.

How to Reach:

Hoskote lake, a huge lake which has rarely filled up in the last few decades, 20Km from Bangalore is used for Paragliding trainning sessions. Though, Nandi Hills, 65 Kms from Bangalore and 1,478 meters above sea level is Bangalore's own hill station and a favourite spot for Paragliding.

Paragliding P1 certification (Biginner Level) at Hokote, Bangalore

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Practicing intermediate-Level maneuvers in Tamilnadu, about 140 Kms away from Bangalore