Parasailing-  Bangalore (on the way to Hoskote)

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Classification: MILD what's this?

Accommodation: None.

Essentials: Food, drinking water.

Transportation: Self.

Costing: Rs. 250/- per head for two members.

Suggestion: Carry back all the glass/plastic wastes and dispose the same in a proper bin.


Parasail is designed to be towed behind a boat or 4-wheel drive vehicle on a flat big ground. The passenger snaps into the parasail's comfortable harness, signals the driver of the tow vehicle, takes a few steps and soars into the air. Depending on the length of the tow rope, your parasail can carry you hundreds of feet into the sky. Parasailing is a sport for people from all walks of life. You don't need any prior training to fly in a parasail. The crew on the ground will controll your parasail. Since there are no controls to be handled in flight, the flyer is free to enjoy his/her solo flight.

How to Reach:

About 20 kms form the outter ring road is the Hoskote lake, a huge lake which has rarely filled up in the last few decades. Travel to about 20 Kms on the old Madras road and you will cross a small brigde. On to your left is the Hoskote Kere or Lake. Ask the locals to guide you to the Parasailing site.