Trekking & Cave Exploration-  Siddarabetta Tumkur, Karnataka

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Photo Gallery

Classification: MODERATE what's this?

Accommodation: None. We preffeded to carry our own tent.

Essentials: Tent, Food, drinking water.

Transportation: Self.

Costing: Rs. 500/- per head for two members.

Suggestion: Carry back all the glass/plastic wastes and dispose the same in a proper bin.


Siddara Batta is a rocky hill 3660 feet above sea level. The temple and caves are the main attractions of this region.The main attractive spot here is the Lakshmi Cave, which is more than a kilometer deep and a visit to this cave is an adventure in itself.

How to Reach:

Siddara Betta is 95 Kms from Bangalore and 12 Kms from Koratagere in Tumkur district and 35 kms from Tumkur. Travel form Bangalore -> Tumkur -> Koratagere -> take a deviation to the left after 2kms from Koratagere on the way to Madhugiri.

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Ajay & Bibin Trekking to Siddarabetta, Tumkur

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We explore the caves at Siddarabetta, Tumkur