Tube Rafting and Camping-  Tonnur Kere Mandya, Karnataka

Classification: EASY what's this?

Accommodation: None. Carry own tent.

Essentials: Life jacket,food, drinking water.

Transportation: Self.

Costing: Rs. 600/- per head for three members.

Suggestion: Do not enter water with out right sized life-jacket accompanied by an experianced instructor. Carry back all the glass/plastic wastes and dispose the same in a proper bin. Every time we visited any place, we picked up the garbage left by others too.


Approximately 130 Kms away form Bangalore this is the serene and large fresh water lake called Tonnur Kere. Its close to Pandavapura town in Mandya District of Karnataka. and is becoming a popular tourist/adventure spot. It was built by Saint Asuri Ramanujacharya in the 12th century during his stay at Tonnur and Melukote. Tonnur was originally called 'Tondanur' and later it was named as 'Tirumala Sagara' (lake of the sacred hills). Tipu Sultan called it 'Moti Talab' (lake of pearls).

How to Reach:

Driving down from Bangalore on the Mysore Road will take approximately 2-3 hours depending on the time of travel. After Mandya, take a right turn to reach Pandavpura and further travel about 8 kms to hit the lake. The local villagers are the best bet in getting the directions. You can drive up all the way to the reservoir bund and you'll be amazed by what you'll see in front of you. A huge body of water spread till your eyes can see. We drove further up (200 meters) to find a beautiful spot for our camp site.

Tonnur Kere Video:

Tonnur Kere (Lake), in Mandya near Bangalore