Paraglider + Harness + Reserve

(Used items, but in excellent flying condition)

As a beginner pilot after the initial basic training, I found out that the more I practice ground-handling/kiting the wing on the ground, the better I will get in my flying, which I confess is really true. Kiting is nothing but, balancing your inflated paraglider overhead while you are still standing on the ground. This way you will build-up a good muscle memory to instinctively react in keeping your paraglider stable overhead. It is very similar to how you have learned to balance a bicycle/bike and later on do the same without giving much of a thought....more/less

Flying the Firebird SPIDER Paraglider with Firebird Mowenpik Harness

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Close-up shot of the Firebird Mowenpik Harness

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Selling Price: Total amount for Full Kit (INR) ₹ 1,30,000/- ₹ 94,900/- only.

For the above price you will get:

     1. Paraglider: Firebird SPIDER-L, Red/Black/White combo Colour= 1 Unit
     2. Harness: Firebird Mowenpik-XL, Black/Red/Grey combo Colour= 1 Unit
     3. Reserve: Gin/AVA Sport 100 kg, Yellow/White Colour= 1 Unit
     4. Glider Bag= 1 Unit
     5. Compression Strap= 1 Unit
     6. Raiser Pouch= 1 Unit
     7. Glider Manual (soft copy)= 1 Unit
     8. New Flight Log-Book= 1 Unit FREE

(All snaps and videos shown are of original items for sale, except the monkey device. The Harness includes 2-carabiners, 1-speed bar and 1-reserve handle)

Who can buy: Normally you would consider buying this gear after proper paragliding training & instructions. But, you can also purchase the wing to do ground handling first (practising on the ground without flying), ofcourse with some experienced trainer besides you to guide you and later go in for a formal training to fly with. This way you will not only save a lot of money in training but progress faster in this adventure & highly addictive sport.

Training: Once you own your Paragliding gear, I can provide you with the basic training in Ground Handling/kiting skills in Bangalore. Each session will cost you ₹ 4,500/- for 2 hrs/day. Every session will consist of theory as well as practical lessons on the ground before you are finally fit to fly under instructor guidance.

Ground Handling training in Bangalore (above)

Shipping: Delivered anywhere in India (Shipping will be charged additionally)

Certification: DHV 1-2 certified paraglider.

Item Condition: Used. Bought new in Jan-2011.

Terms & Condition: Full payment before purchase. No trials, No returns, No exchange, No refunds.

Guaranty/Warranty: Company warranty by Firebird only, if available.

Item Sold by: Actual Owner

Local Buyers: Items for sale can be inspected & purchased by you if you are in Bangalore

Identity & support: In India as a standard procedure we need to follow a certain protocol to know who the buyer is. Please submit necessary documents as and when requested. I wish to apologise that I am not here to answer all your paragliding related questions but to sell the gear to genuine buyers only. All specification and features are explained below and the rest can further be found on the net.

Buy just one item: You definitely have the option to buy 1 or 2 items separately.. Buy you can't avail the group discount and the free flight log-book. The prices and details of each items for sale is shown under:

Firebird SPIDER-L Paraglider: FOR SALE for ₹ 80,000/-, if bought separately

FireBird SPIDER is a DHV class 1-2 certified paraglider/wing/canopy. Suitable for Beginner to Intermediate paragliding pilots. This model is of size large, which means that a pilot with all up weight (ie. own body weight + roughly 17 Kgs gear weight) totalling between 100 to 125 Kgs can ground handle and fly this wing. The wing was bought in the Jan-2011 (brand new) and only 20+ hrs of airtime is put on it and carries the Firebird warranty till Jan-2016. Ideally, any paraglider has a life span of 250+ hrs of airtime before it looses its airworthiness. The wing has been neatly patched at couple of small places and has absolutely no major tear or damage as such. All the lines are in excellent condition and absolutely un-stretched which means no extreme-manoeuvre has ever been performed with this wing and hence not been subjected to any sort of extreme stress/strain and has not been drenched in water too. Good care has been taken by the first and the only owner in repacking and storing the wing for personal use. This wing has been flown along with the original Firebird Mowenpik Harness as detailed below.

Firebird Mowenpik-XL Harness: FOR SALE for ₹ 25,000/-, if bought separately

Mowenpik is an excellent air-bag harness which automatically fills up when in flight to give you a good back and bottom protection. This Extra Large (XL) harness is a light weight reversible Harness which means it can be used as a harness while flying and when reversed it acts as a ruck sack to pack your paragliding wing in it. A pilot with a weight range of 80 to 95 Kgs can ground handle and fly this wing comfortably. Unlike other non-reversible harness where you need to carry an additional glider bag to pack your wing & the harness, the Firebird Mowenpik Harness is an intelligent design with good side/hip protection too. This harness comes with the original carabiners to attach your wing, the reserve handle to fix your safety reserve/para-shoot and the speed stirrup/bar for flying at greater speeds. The harness has been repaired well just here and there for some small wear and tear caused in transportation, but no major structural damage ever. Otherwise the harness looks like new and to add it has a great back support while flying. You will surely be a proud owner of this harness in your flying career.

Reserve/Parashoot: FOR SALE for ₹ 25,000/-, if bought separately

Your paragliding gear will never be complete with out a reserve shoot. A reserve is a parashoot to safely make a pilot descend on to the ground in-case his paraglider fails to fly properly/safely due to various reasons. This reserve/parashoot on sale from Gin/AVA Sport has never ever been used/deployed and has always been in a neatly packed condition. Parashoots require to be repacked every 6-12 months due to safety concerns, hence it was last repacked in 2015 and can safely carry a load 80-100 kgs.

Videos of the Firebird SPIDER Paraglider & Firebird Mowenpik Harness:

My 2nd flight with the Firebird SPIDER & the Firebird Mowenpik Harness in Goa

Firebird Mowenpik- Harness (Sample Video)


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